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We say NotAllMen, and then with the same breath, act as if all women support something asinine like a 9pm curfew. We seen dozens of posts about Kavanaugh in the last two weeks, and almost as if bots are brigading this sub, the community seems to be glazing over the «innocent until proven guilty» part of the story and steamrolling towards «confirm now». There are plenty of reasons the guy shouldn be confirmed, and while he should absolutely be given a fair trial where he is presumed innocent until proven guilty, that doesn mean that the boatload of shit we know he done even in the last few weeks shouldn be taken into account.

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cheap nfl jerseys I just don’t understand why we still don’t have a true left back. From the very start of the season it was clear this was an issue and the fact that they haven’t taken action on remedying it is concerning. We don’t even need a great left back, just a player who naturally plays it and isn’t garbage cheap nfl jerseys.

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