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When my best friend killed himself in uni, i had the task of biking around our uni town to tell our friends. I could have called but when you live 10 minutes away i felt that id hate myself if i didnt do it in person. None of my roommates were really capable of going through it so i took the task.

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Most of the people who behave this way do it because they know there is absolutely no consequences and the chances of getting caught are trivial, usually even if they see it the police don bother.Just yesterday I had a guy pass me on the left side shoulder because 20 over wasn fast enough for him, he then swerved 2 lanes over (to the right lane) to pass a truck before swerving back into the left lane.scottdeeby 1 point submitted 2 months agoHi /u/MIRSSurvivors, I just wanted to mention that when I was at my kid school for an event this week (Kindergarten to grade 8), I noticed on their calendar that for Orange Shirt Day (not on the exact day since it Sunday this year, but on a school day of course) they are holding a Residential School Remembrance ceremony in their auditorium. Not quite part of the curriculum but I was pleased to see they are talking about it. I thought I would just pass that on as a sign of hope..

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