If you have some money to put into a few small improvements

Carry weights were royally screwed up in a handful of conditions, especially surrounding the Excavator armor users, but anyone with carry weight and strength bonuses. Example being, some of my carry weight bonuses were being subtracted instead of added. I would have to un equip everything, log off, log back on, re equip to «fix» it.

I have to say as someone that has loved Ovi all along as a player, but doubted his quality as a leader over the years, his transformation this year has been remarkable to me. But as fans, it easy to get blinded by your own fandom. So it extra special to me all the love that he getting now from neutral, and even rival fans..

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In your iPhone Settings, access the list below general and App Store settings where all of the iPhone applications that allow alterations are kept. Find the application you want to alter and choose. Push notifications are built into Facebook and MySpace free iPhone applications, but with Twitter, it depends on which application you choose..

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