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1. They say Chargers rookie receiver Mike Williams may be back sometime in October. He was the best receiver in this year draft and is worth stashing on your roster if he out there in later rounds. «I stopped following football after watching League of Denial on PBS.»The reason I cannot stop watching football is that the combination of enormous economic incentives and ruthless selection process has produced individuals that are performing at near superhuman levels. If you can perform this task with even middling competency there is an immediate 8 figure paycheck waiting for you. This (totally arbitrary and otherwise useless) combination of speed, agility, strength, resiliency and lightning fast OODA looping is amazing to watch.

There are some silver linings to this injury. I’ve actually enjoyed being forced to take time off I push myself hard and having a solid reason not to run has made it easier for me. I took an impromptu trip to visit my parents.. The deficit is not shrinking. The election promises would make it grow. Deep into an expansion, with indicators of recession in a year or two flashing yellow We need smarter than this.During the rest of the campaign, we need more substance and sensible substance on our national finances.

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