Also, being able to sell yourself effectively, while also

If I started a protest of ANY sort, especially one against my country AT WORK, I would be FIRED on the spot. These guys are AT WORK even thought they PLAY a GAME, they still get paid thousands of time more than I and most other Americans. They need to be thankful for the living her and having the benefit of doing what they like to make a living.

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This is why so many of us are disgusted by the actions of President. Have you seen his unhinged press conference after the Charlottesville tragedy? I have never seen any head of state of a Western ally act in such a belligerent manner, he went so far as to defend Neo Nazis at the Charlottesville Neo Nazi rally. You can watch the entire press conference on PBS.[9] How about his Arizona speech where he went on a tirade against the fake media, read out his previous words from the press conference while leaving out the most important and controversial bit fine people on many sides, on many sides.

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